Coordinating Clothing For Family Pictures

So it's that time of year again, when we try to take the perfect family picture of our well behaved [insert temper tantrum] kids and our flawlessly coordinating outfits. Say cheeeeese! 

Preparing for a photography session can be easier said than done...

A couple things I'd like to share that I've learned along the way from photographers and trial/error:

1. Pick a color palette for your family - usually three colors that are complementary to each other. i.e..burgundy, mauve, & tan. 

2. Don't be afraid to use a pattern - this can be a great way to tie in all the colors so everyone looks cohesive and coordinating.

3. Keep the colors and patterns fluctuating on each person in the picture. It will draw the eye to everyone's outfit rather than just one piece.

4. Don't forget the shoes and socks! Choose to either use them as a bold statement or blend them into your outfits.

5. Have fun with it - whether you choose a casual or dressy style, remember to have a good time! It can help make your session result in memories that you will treasure forever! 






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