It's All In The Details


These days, I feel like it's all in the details - little ruffles, lace appliqués, patchwork and plaid! Intricate details are one thing I've always enjoyed about fashion. Let’s face it...many pieces are very similar.  It’s only when you add the right details that a piece grows from "okay" to "LOVE." 

On Instagram, I asked you girls what your favorite detail is right now, and what you'd like to see this holiday season. The top choices were ruffles and plaid. I have to say...I'm obsessed with both! Based on my closet...ruffles better not go out of style anytime soon or I’m in trouble. Ha! (But seriously).

In our holiday collection, you will find ruffles, velvet, plaid and even a little lace! I hope you're just as excited as I am. If you're not, that’s okay, I've got enough for all of us! Talk soon loves!





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