Our brand in the making: D&D Everyday Collection


Soooo what’s the big deal about the D&D Collection compared to our sourced brands? Well let me tell you girls - A LOT! 

I have personally worked with a design team to come up with these one-of-a-kind patterns, tried the samples on to make sure the fit is perfect, and went back again to make it amazing! 😍😆

The beauty of having our own line is we can choose sizing from XS to any size up (so let know what size we should go up to!) I hand pick fabrics for these unique styles- and our items and fabrics are created in the United States! I’m proud to say D&D is a “Made in the USA” Brand!! Not to mention the quality control of our collection will be outstanding because I see these items being made and personally inspect them! The best part is you get a better fit, quality and style for the same price!! I can’t wait for you girls to try out our OWN BRAND…we hope you love it as much as we do. 





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